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Bus Ride


She sat on that bus for what felt like an eternity. She was only 10 years old. The bus was filled with kids. All of them were middle school age and that terrified her. She didn’t know anyone. All she wanted to do was make it to her dance class in one piece without her heart ripping out of her chest.

Dance is what she loved to do.

It was the only place she felt seen.

The only place she felt pretty.

She grew up seeing images of beautiful ballerinas in their glitter tutus floating around the dance floor like angels.

There was nothing more beautiful to her.

Their porcelain skin and demure hands.

Their elongated arms that with a small fling could make them fly.

They seemed free.

Free like butterflies roaming around the world landing on everything that looks appealing enough to stay.

She wanted to be that free.

She wanted to feel that pretty.

She just had to make it to the end of this bus ride.

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