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Let Me Explain

Let me explain to you how much I don't need to explain myself.

Not to you. Not to them. Not to anyone.

Let me explain that I don't owe you anything.

Not an explanation. Not a reason.

Not a justification.

Let me explain that you will never get an explanation

for what I think. for what I do. for who I am.

For too long, you've held the authority of my existence at the palm of your hands. Acting as the moral high ground to my presence in the universe.

And I let you.

That perished.

That disintegrated when the state of things fell apart.

When I lost my home and my northern star.

When you destroyed it.

So you will never get to understand.

Never get an explanation.

Because you caused it.

Because you weren't there.

And because you don't deserve it.

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