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What is Happening?

Updated: Feb 12

It's a July day, and I am sitting in my room trying to make sense of everything that has happened recently.

Everything seems chaotic and unclear. In the midst of it all, I find it empowering to give myself permission to have a voice. It is a voice I have known for too long to be silent, ignored, and dismissed for being too inconvenient to the status quo.

However, in a world that praises conformity, I find myself screaming for change. Screaming for a way to make my voice heard, acknowledged, and respected.

This, to me, is the first step in getting back my voice.

The only way I can continue on living to my full potential and self actualization. I need to write what I think, what I feel, and what I know to be the true of where I am in life and where society is at in this period of time.

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